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Angled End Identities, LLC

Located in Portland, Oregon

Operating hours: 8:30-5 PST, M-F

1 (415) 699 1425

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Angled End's staff loves to learn about new businesses and find creative ways of making them shine. Fill out the form below to get a conversation going.

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Case Studies

We cover a lot of bases, from mobile apps to tradeshow
booths. But what Angled End specializes in is the
creation and transformation of small to
medium business brands.

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work examples...

Who knew it would turn out to be the best site I've seen? Lots of creativity, motion, and fun tricks - really imaginative, and tells their story well.
~ Brian Noyes, Art Director, The Washington Post Magazine

Who do you
want to be in 10 years?

Everything that we create for our clients is driven by that question. We want your brand to support your big vision, not your current state.

And looking great is only relevant if it drives business. We're not interested in talking you into projects that we we don't believe will drive the bottom line. Let's talk about your business goals before we make up our minds about the optimal branding/marketing plan.

who are we?

We are an organization that listens to our customers and sweats the details. We are a creative team who is inspired by well-crafted brands and the companies who wear them.

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Gurley owner, creative director
McDonald chief development engineer
Reese front end development whiz

You? amazing team member
Just wanted you to know that all of us (honestly every one) love your work and have lot of respect for what you do.
~ Gana Govind, CEO, Softeon, Inc.

Our Services

If it relates to your brand, we probably handle it. Angled End has always covered a wide gamut of visual mediums, from traditional to contemporary, and we pride ourselves on staying aligned with current technology and best practices.

Branding: Your brand is the voice with which your company speaks to the world. Let's ensure that it is resonant with your strongest audience, driving your business goals, and unified across channels.

Print: Reports of paper's death have been greatly exaggerated. We love crafting printed materials that are eye-catching and impactful.

Digital: As life becomes ever more connected, so too does your brand rely on digital presentation. We've got you covered.

Etc: Environmental displays, tchotchkes, multimedia, video, photography... we've done it all.

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Secondary Services

Our Partners

We love working with the following companies:

Chris Lazarus & Associates Serenity Studios Stevens Integrated Solutions Printing Kathryn Elsesser Photography East Portland Chamber of Commerce

Let’s start talking.

Like what you’re seeing? Let’s discuss your
company’s branding goals to see if we might be a good fit.
We are a no-pressure studio, and we love being helpful.

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